Re: The SBSs were 3/8" shorter than legal minimum

Yep that's sort of what I conclude happened. He took the job to leave the finished job at the legal length
And the feds made the gun shorter themselves. Billed it as his work.
Yeah I got asked one time to help someone . With gun work other than my own.
My response I refuse to do anythingfor anyone if I'm not licensed to do anything.
I had a guy ask me to help rework the trigger for one of those eastern block country made
Browning high power clones .
Oh nope can't help u . Oh why not man , well because if I did that and you have some biker gun Smith
Make it run full auto you'll say I did it .
How's that sound . Boy did he get pissed .
And that's the guy long ago that the az highway patrol pulled over and took the gun he had on him.
He even had the nerve to think it had something to do with me .
There is a reason the left keeps on the scent trail to rid the nation of guns .
It is because they are the ones that have made this a real problem.
By jacking up the country's patriotic values till they ain't worth squat.
Well payment coming due . Just like when the kings of ancient israel ruined the country
And the Babylonans killed Israel's whole army.
There is no coming back from scapegoatingthe righteous people of America. God has a long memory.

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