Yes, Indiana very pro gun.

I think first in the nation to pass Lifetime License to Carry a Handgun. It isn't called Concealed Carry there because although you can carry concealed, you can also open carry. You can also carry your gun on school grounds, yep, as long as you don't leave the vehicle. If you leave the vehicle, you can leave it in the vehicle. Important for those who drop off or picking up the kid at school before continuing on with your day. There is always one jackass representative in a liberal stronghold that wants to try and pass shit to keep the moms demand action types sending them money. They submit the bill, then it never even gets read because the rest of the state reps kill it dead before it ever sees the light of day, as it should be. I know a few who have called their reps on this bill and the reps said it will not even be considered, but if it were they were sure to tell their concerned constituents that it would be voted down. The reciprocity for CCW is simple, they honor any handgun license in the U.S. Kentucky just recently passed a law that says you don't need a permit any longer to carry concealed at all, so all you Knob Creek fans can pack weather you have a CCW from your home state or not.

I have a nephew that lives there, and I got him a lifetime CCW for his graduation present from high school before he went into the U.S. Army. That is another pro, although you have to be 21 to purchase a handgun by Federal law, 18 is fine to own it or carry it.

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