I got about 2/3s the way thru Gulag Archipelago a few yrs back

russian writers are so freaking verbose. like ayn rand kinda. they just go on and on and on with side stories including minute details of irrelevant info or they flog the ever living shit out of one scene....they esp like kangaroo court scenes...oh man they go to town on them...maybe spend 50 pages on that one court day, etc.

still worth reading for least first 1/2 of it....the brutality of the purge in russia from 1910's to 1940's was remarkable.

but remember guys as bernie and many of our own college professors and millennials believe...." socialism and communism is great...we just havent implemented it properly yet". Yep.... so for the past 100+ years no country has successfully implemented marx/lenin theoretical work yet? So geniuses what does that tell ya? huh?

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