There are far better slicers.

I mean, chopping is one thing and I spent hours upon hours watching my dad chop stuff with a Chinee cleaver that he owned for over 50yrs going back to when he cooked in his grandfather's Chinee food restaurant.

If it's the only tool you have for cooking (*called a Dao ), then you get good at using it for what you need to do, but otherwise its a cumbersome, deft tool meant for poor Chinee cooks who only can afford one tool.

My favorite chef knife is a drop tip blade with a rocker belly and thin. It's only a 4" blade, but it's exact.

If you want to try one for chopping a cooked duck from head to tail and serving it on a platter with everything intact, a Dao is just the tool. If you want clean slices, you use something else...

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