you’re going to a private citizen again in less than two years

You better start giving some thought as to what life will be like without 24/7 security to protect your silly ass from the half million or so people you’re really pissing off. Because even if only 0.0001% of those 500,000 people decide they wanna fill their tag on your sorry ass - that’s STILL 50 PEOPLE.

50 people. Working totally independently of each other. Unknown to one another. All with the same goal.

You’re not a millionaire baller who can afford private security. You’re just a two-bit coathanger bender OB-GYN with a state pension.

You might run for Senate - but Tim Kaine and Mark Warner might not appreciate you primary’ing them, lol! And you won’t be getting a cabinet level job in FedGov, because Trump Killdozer is going to win.

So what ARE you going to do? Go back to private practice? Get a job in the Parts Dept at Planned Parenthood?

That’s not going to afford you the protection you need.

You’re fucked, Coonman.


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