I remeber riding in red silver Shadow back about 1984

A friend of friend was chauffeur for (IIRC) Carlos Slim, )maybe it was diff mex media mogul),and his boss was out of town,and he showed up with the red and silver Rolls after getting it detailed and asked if we wanted to go for ride.

So, there we are, four guys about 25 YO, in a Roller, and stopped at the stoplight at State College blvd, and Bastanchury Rd that goes by Cal Sate Fullerton, with a good view of us from everybody else.
i can tell you that EVERYBODY was looking at us trying to figure out if we were rock stars, or Hollywood types, or what. EVERYYBODY in every car was staring.

Its hard to be incognito in a Rolls.

Have fun. ;)

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