NYT runs headline:Coronavirus Cases Seemed To Be Leveling Off. Not Anymore

That's like saying "Apple Prices Seemed To Be Leveling Off. Not Anymore Now That We Are Looking At Orange Prices Instead."
Any apparent trends in the previous confirmed case numbers cannot be extrapolated beyond yesterday unless someone tracks ongoing confirmed case numbers. If China is going to be reporting diagnosed cases now instead of confirmed cases, they should release daily diagnosed case data going back to the first diagnosis in early December so graphs can be updated to show values of the same variable over time. The other-than-China graphs should also be updated to show the same variable so that there won't develop the appearance of more of a difference between China and the rest of the world than there already actually is, with continued reporting of confirmed cases as well so people don't think the virus is widespread outside of China. Can't NYT do any better than that headline?

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