No, I didn't need to read that...

As a guy who makes a living in the water and sewage business, the distinctions between the terms "water pipe" and "sewage pipe" are abundantly clear and meaningful. You said water pipe in your comment above so I took it as the water supply for stuff like drinking, washing, and even refilling commodes. If there were a danger of microbes or virii getting into a pressurized water pipe through cracks in the pipe or even at the commode then water systems and commodes worldwide would be designed much differently. On the other hand, had you said sewage pipes, your comment would have been much more accurate and sensible. If Tucker Carlson said water pipes instead of sewer pipes it would indicate he doesn't recognize the difference between the two or he was sloppy in his delivery of the story. Sure, maybe some see that as a matter of semantics but words do mean things.

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