THIS is what I was thinking. All this effort to erase whi-history and *Link*
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pretend that white folks have NO positive impact on the world is pure stupidity.

If black people had 'discovered' this country and settled it and set up governments as per how THEY have done it for much longer than this country was in existence, yes, WE WOULD BE ANOTHER SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA. With all of the "shithole" countries there, run by black tin-pot murdering dictators, and where education is, well, 3rd world, and the IQ average would be the lowest in the world. As it is NOW in sub-Saharan Africa.

Now, play a mind-game of what if this country was discovered by, settled by and is currently run only by WOMEN. In the history of the world, name the really great women discoverers, conquerors, leaders who were duly elected by the populace and worked to build up the country to an economic and mighty (with armies) powerhouse that others hoped to immigrate to in droves?

Frau Merkel?

Doing a search this is the mixed bag (not to cast aspersion by the use of the word "bag") I get (LINK BELOW)
Find one that truly made a change other than by protest, and made their country(ies) better for the long term making it an immigration MAGNET.

Take your time....

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