I swear you could build the wall with....

I swear you could build the wall if you simply had every military member go through their workplace and round up every ink/toner cartridge that was abandoned in some random desk or closet and brought them to the border and stacked them up. In every military organization I have been it it seems like there are piles of ink/toner cartridges that nobody knows what they are for or where they came from. Everybody “knows” they are expensive but nobody knows what to do with them so they sit around for years unless somebody takes the initiative to just chuck them in the trash. Most of the time they are brand new and in the box from HP or whatever company, it just is astounding how much money must be wasted across DoD on just shit like that.

If you wanna build the wall ten feet higher you can add the random furniture that nobody knows what to do with because there was some money at the very end of last FY and some brainiac decided to buy more/new furniture.

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