What's to fix.
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Sounds like a fun night.
One of my ex-girlfriends used to draw blood on me all the time. She used to get off on it. If I took my shirt off in public people would confuse me as a runaway slave. She used to bite my neck hard too. I'd go to my mom's house and she would be like "WTF happened to you?". One time when she caught me talking to another girl, she grabbed me and kissed me, then bit my lip so hard I thought she was going to bite it off. Another time she took an antique mirror with a wooden frame off the wall and smashed it over my head.
I didn't even fxck the other girls. I was just laying the groundwork. She pulled another girl out of my pickup by her hair. That one I DID fxck, but it wasn't my fault. I was trying to tease her by dry humping her with my junk on her panties, because she was wearing this short mini skirt. turns out she had crotchless panties on and it slipped right in. Totally not my fault. To add insult to injury, she whispered in my ear all sexy "Don't cum in me. I'm not on the pill.". So I'm accidentally all up in that and I'm not allowed to finish. I let her finish and pulled out. Ten minutes later I'm all blue bally, and she pulls me down and it happens again. She still has no birth control, so shame on me. Next time she sees me she says she'll make it up with some "lip and tongue action" but I'm not falling for it. I just KNOW she's going to end up preggers so I stay the hell away and we just drive around until the ex-GF nabbed her. Never went out with her again. Her getting pulled out of my pickup by the hair might have had something to do with it.
Ended up hooking up with the ex that night.
Crazy chicks are fun, and fun chicks are crazy. Not the kind of women you marry though.

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