I swear, it MUST be kidney stone SEASON or something.

Just read Pete’s post further down the page, I’ve got almost the exact same symptoms as he and TC mentioned

Started about halfway through the day, moderate ache right side lower back. Like a muscle strain, just couldn’t get comfortable.

Early evening, duller sensation of pain progressed to entire lower abdomen, front and back

Now ache concentrated in lower abdomen, all the way down into my balls, which feel like they weigh about 40lbs each. Also into the tip of my penis, although quite as achey as my balls.

Feel very achey throughout body, almost feverish feeling, but no elevated temp

Urine pretty normal looking, no blood or anything

Just low-grade achey everywhere, but concentrated in center, extreme lower abdomen.

Never had a kidney stone before. Drink tons of milk, but no iced tea or other stuff with ocilites or whatever they’re called.

I *have* been eating a lot of Italian subs recently, we just had a WaWa open, and I’ve been eating there pretty often because they make a pretty good sub. Usual lunchmeat stuff - salami, ham, ect. All probably full of nitrates - would that cause stones?

Not constipated, go twice a day, as regular as a Swiss timepiece, after breakfast and lunch, both.

Really sucks feeling this way. Not a fan of this.

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