If I had to make a bet *Pic*

...which Texas would succumb to (becoming blue) first, white liberals taking over - or Mexicans, I'm betting on the Mexicans.

I've attached a Beto map from the secretary of state in 2016 and covering his bid for the Senate against Ted Cruz. He almost won, you know.

From the south, you can see the physical presence making it's will known.

The 'islands' (Austin, San Antonio, Dallas type places) are a mix of typical local liberalism and arriving Californians, New Yorkers and liberal fucktards from everywhere in general.

It's really a toss up as to which Texas will succumb to first, liberals or illegal immigration - but Austin is going to figure out how to allow illegals to vote - and then the slide will accelerate. The pressure to GTFO is a lot worse in Mexico and many countries south of the border than it is in California and other liberal states.

They've seized the southern border and the conduits of flow northward and are settling in the urban centers. It's similar here. We may fall first. Still, the economic draw Texas presents is going to be part of the eventual downfall. It's a national problem.

Build the wall.

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