Re: I wonder how many "tolerant" lefties...

Caught themselves in mid post, text, tweet, WTF-ever, "Screw those ni...". Thought better of it and replaced it with "They should let them through, look how much they helped America, they're only hurting their people".

You know it, I know it, the whole world knows it. The only ones who see racism "everywhere" are the true racists themselves. If it was ever about "helping black people" blacks would in fact be those kangz of their folklore by now.

Look at the way they rush in, ready to "help" the blacks protest because, well, you, know, they're bl... . Who was doing most of the violence and screaming in people's faces on behalf of black people? The white product of the US education system where the concept of the participation trophy was born.

I can tell you, they have a hard time explaining how they would feel if the tables were reversed and we had done this to Obama, the guy who actually deserved it. That may have been an over the top statement at one time, but having the actual receipts for what a shitbag -0- really is, it becomes an understatement.


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