Re: election-fraud-evidence-mounts

I think there is some very compelling evidence but there is a caveat. I spent some time with a data science prof today. He's a not a citizen and isn't invested in the outcome. The data provided does have some anomalies but all in all it could be systems glitches. The problem remains at the precinct and county. The data really doesn't show the distressed ballots and doesn't keep a record. Once the ballots are scanned its all "validated". Without integrity, voter ID, and the ability to identify signatures is the nexus of the real problem. The other issue is not matching addressed with people or purging the voter roles of people who have moved or died. Actually saw FB posts that were removed that had someone signing in and voting for someone who moved out of state 2 years ago. The signature box was filled. The young woman's parents took a picture showing that she voted here. Struck from FB and the Centre Co election commissioner just said it was someone signing in the wrong box. Dismissed out of hand. Wish I would have snapped that before it disappeared. It WAS her name signed in the box, but not her signature. They wrote the game, wrote the rules, and they are the umpires. Thats a problem if you lack integrity and the ends justify the means.

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