Are you open to a proposed Agenda?

I won't be there (*don't worry) to peanut gallery, but in the vein of collaboration;

1) History & Origin of Blockchain - the record-keeping system of BitchCoin
- who is Satoshi Nakamoto?
- the Genesis Block, Jan3, 2009
- Resolving a Block on a crypto chain
- Immutable, unchangeable, untraceable
- Block Rewards & mining

2) BitchCoin - a digital form of currency
- Accepted value, the most expensive pizzas in the world
- Block Addresses as stores of BTC value, QR coding
- Public Keys & Private Keys
- Exchanges - how BTC is bought, stored, and traded
- Change & Dust - the costs of transacting BTC
- Taxable? Fungible? Valuable?

3) Security & OPSEC - don't be THAT guy...
- Exchange trading, arbitrage & 1,000 crypto coins
- Digital wallets, spending wallets, hardware wallets, and offline storage
- if you don't HODL it, you don't own it (*Rule#1)
- Protecting your Private Keys (*Rule#2)
- Avoiding scams (*Rule#3)

4) Effective arguing on the innerwebs (* series of tubes) - just kidding...

5) A word on gambling (*because this isn't 'investing')
- FOMO, aka dollar cost averaging as a winning strategy
- FUD & trust your instincts, don't buy into the true believers preaching
- FUBAR - Mt God, Silk Road, and The Dark Web
- FTW - BTC as a hedge against inflationary markets

These are just some quick thoughts that might make your in-service fun for the audience vs. becoming a long, cornfusing conversation where people go away wondering what just happened. Good luck, and thanks for stepping up to increase boarf knowledge - and I mean that sincerely.

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