Was interested in the P226 until.... were showing the accuracy was just not there.

I'm not expecting target pistol accuracy from such a gun, but if it can't hit a ping pong ball across our short living room, what good is it for practice? Cripes, the old manually cycled die-cast Daisy 1911 BB gun can do better. Some users claim decent accuracy, but the majority refute that. A five inch group at twenty feet is seriously awful. If the gun had been in the $30 range, sure, but at the time they were running $100. That's what convinced me to get the P226 .22 LR conversion kit, despite not being able to use it indoors from my sofa.

Another issue is some users complain it won't even penetrate a paper target. Apparently so much gas is used to cycle the slide, which gives it a useful "feel" for practice, that little gas is left over for the pellet.

I badly wanted this to be a decent pellet gun that I could sit on the sofa and shoot targets, ping pong balls on a string, etc., while watching TV. Pellets are cheap, and CO2 cartridges are said to last for three clips before starting to drop off for power.

From various user reviews:

"...the accuracy of this pistol is almost non-existent even with high end match rounds. groups are well outside what you would expect for a higher end training pistol - especially from Sig Sauer."

"...Accuracy tests of the P226 showed that the pistol tended to shoot low with the majority of pellets tested. Only the Crosman Premier Hollow Point pellets shot to the point of aim with the SIG SAUER P226 pellet pistol tested by HAM. This is an issue because, in spite of the excellent sight picture, the sights are non-adjustable."

"The CO2 loading is awkward, lacks power, can usually see pellets in air before they hit target. Not very accurate at all. It's a fancy toy."

"The accuracy leaves much to be desired - 5" groups are almost impossible to achieve even when fairly close ."

"I tested in a Ransom rest at 20 feet. In 12 shots the vertical spread was 3 3/4 inches the horizontal spread 1 3/4 inches. This is such poor accuracy that the gun is not suitable for any kind of shooting. Trigger pull measured six pounds, single action."

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