First off, I look forward to your opinions here.

Secondly, POTUS was asked to speak at the Stop The Steal event which was organized and set up by Ali Alexander and the Mother / Daughter team who had been organizing Stop The Steal marches across the US. Trump spoke there by invitation - he didn't set it up.

This changes the flavor of your take on it. That he was speaking at a location 45min alking distance from the Capitol Building is important. He wasn't talking on the steps of the capitol, and if you review the timeline, his speech went long and ended AS the breech of the building was taking place. In other words, it's trite to think that anybody AT the capitol building was streaming the POTUS speech at a distant and remote location, and decided to act on the by rushing the gates.

As if that weren't enough, there is plenty of video showing Capitol Police removing the bike rack gates and motioning for protesters to come on in. That video is irrefutable, and was filmed shortly after the POTUS speech had ended - there would not have been enough time for people to walk from the speech location to the Capitol Building in order to act on any implied orders to storm the building.

BLM and Antifags are there now at the capitol yelling at police, because they were already there, and they never left. They are the paid agitators who were used to make the MAGA movement look bad, stall the official electoral college vote count, and fuel up the tanks for further infringements on those rights we all know as 'self-evident'.

The problem here is that mainstream Muhrica has already moved on and has no appetite for this; right, wrong, or indifferent. They just want it to be over.

We may never know the truth of what happened Jan6, but we sure as hell will be feeling the loss of freedom in the days to come.

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