“ Which would be worse...if there WAS widespread fraud and DJT did nothing but whine; or on the other hand there wasn't widespread fraud and DJT continued to pour gasoline on the situation?”

I think both are terrible.
I feel #2 is worse I guess if I had to pick.
But it wasn’t just DT whining about it... add to that a complicit GOP too !!!

I remember putting forth the question basically “ did Team LaRuby et al ( you know that Navy Seals like force -multi state coordinated operatives and all...) steal the election or not ?.....

And basically getting run off the board w people exclaiming how naive and flip floppy I was. This by those salivating waiting for The Kraken Bombshell ( how’s dat turn out anyhoo????).

It would be difficult to steal the election. It would be easy to prove IMO if it occurred...IF the GD Repubs in the senate would have seriously addressed it....2 freaking MONTHS AGO.

So the fact they didn’t means either:
1. They don’t believe fraud occurred
2. They don’t care bc they hate Trump that much and they are too spineless to address the issue.

Neither is acceptable to me as a conservative voter. The Rs have lost my support prob forever. I would vote for a pile of turd before I’d do another “pinch my nose and vote for xyz scumbag Repub. Never again. And yeah I understand this will hurt me and Rs and further empower the Dems. I get that.

The Repubs abused our trust.
And that is much worse than even being a crazed Dem.

Still ...primary responsibility for any deaths I lay directly upon the trigger man or whatnot. I always do. Personal responsibility. I don’t buy the “ buuut...he made me do it “ bullshit. Always the trigger man. I’m firm about that. Now for secondary responsibility from the 30,000’ macro level ...yeah , plenty of additional blame to go around. Agree. Trump included. Big time. GOP too. Dems too !

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