Id be willing to try to answer such questions and discuss. Yes.

And yes it could very well degrade into a quagmire as certainly as discussing what all are appropriate places on an MP5 to engrave your SBR data.

Yes. That’s the risk.

But sure ...I’d give it a go fully aware that you likely would troll me for fun !

The thing is most people simply don’t understand cryptocurrencies which is natural.
I’m still learning myself and maybe explaining something enhances my own understanding of any topic.

That’s all. Past that...yeah I shouldn’t give a rip about other people understanding it I guess.

If you didn’t just cut n paste that list of topics there then don’t need my help. Hell you could prob splain it better than I could.

I still feel it’s a worthy adventure for someone to spend $100 and play around to understand the mechanics of it. But that’s just me.

In a few yrs it will be more front n center so time alone will force the issue upon people I guess.
I feel it’s a good thing to be ahead of the curve on such. And Opportunities exist. They can be ignored , sure.

I need to review SHA 256 encryption again. It’s tuff on my old brain these days. Oh well.

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