Awesome bc he's the only one I was worried about in the general election

bc of deep political ties and insider status. He's had a lifetime to cultivate connections for his run....but so did HC.

Now grab the popcorn and watch the DNC screw Bernie over again in the primaries. The DNC simply wont have him I'm a thinking.

Of course I want the dems to put forth the most crazed, hardest left winger they can against Trump bc I think that makes for easier foe.

If Butt man were a pigmented dude then surely we'd fear him but gayness alone and his yoot wont be enough to carry him IMO.

Warren simply has a HC problem (among many many others)- everyone knows she's a lying pandering wench and she's just...well...unlikable.

The rest of them? ho-hum whatever.

Biden getting his can kicked early really helps out the Trump Train is how I see it.

yall feel otherwise?

(oh man I can see Trump just wearing the likes of Warren out. He will humiliate her in the grandest of fashions)

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