Some are, they just aren't thinking people

I am from Massachusetts. In MA, it is just assumed you are a democrat. It is a cultural thing. Every fucking house I was even in in MA had a framed picture of JFK on the wall somewhere.

People I went to school with who are otherwise intelligent are democrats. They aren't necessarily politically active, but they'll go and vote on election day.

In places like MA, being a democrat is similar to being mainstream Jewish or is just what you do without giving it much thought. Your parents were democrats, their parents were democrats, so you are a democrat because your parents couldn't have been wrong.

The enemy isn't all antifa types and angry lesbians. It is the "cultural" democrats that will make a difference in this. I think mainstream democrats are embarrassed by the crazy leftists and would be all over an articulate, normal seeming candidate in a heartbeat.

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