I have tried like hell to understand WHY in modern times

and I get NOWHERE.
and its not just one issue...say abortion...hey I understand it.
Its the cornucopia of issues that make up the present day Dem platform....sure you may say "oh ...thats just the crazy far left wing".

To that I say ..."My arse!".... Look 1/2 the freaking country +/- WILL vote DEM comes Nov.....
Make a ticklist of what their Dem party actively supports right now....not "crazy wing" but their freaking core platform....I'll save everyone the trouble of making the list bc all one needs to do is watch any of the Dem prez. candidate primary debates.

I end up seeing only 2 options.

1. Dems are stupid. I mean low IQ, stupid. Suckers if you will. I mean the voters - not the people running for office (as they are taking advantage of that fact). They feel socialism could and should work ...if only applied appropriately....They TRUST their Dem leaders. They are gullible. They have been snookered by Hollywood and played for fools to support the things they claim they do now....whether transgender xyz, anti constitution issues, open borders for all, outright socialism, hardcore climate change -zero carbon emission BS, antifa, you pick it.

2. Dems are Evil. Yes. Evil. Not a pleasant word and I dont use it lightly at all. They KNOW in their hearts that what they support is wrong. Wrong against God and country and countrymen...but they dont care but they are living off its largess. These are the ones that KNOW what they are doing. These are the congressmen that know exactly what they were doing when they slandered Kavanaugh and found Blas-Ford and used her as a political tool...stooping to a new level of disgust. For political and power gain. Period. This is the damn the means...the end is what counts. These are the trial lawyers that KNOW that their clients dont actually have asbestosis but they pursue it in a class action like crazed animals ...invoking morals and they can get rich off the judgement. Right and wrong have nothing to do with it....its about winning and personal gain. These are the Judas's that make the straw arguments ...the ones talking about "saving the children " from assault weapons , etc when they know only a few hundred deaths a year occur due to these weapons when meanwhile the lowly Sat night Special .38 is capping tens of thou of black males in urban city centers. Just a couple examples of this type of person.

So.... #1 or #2 ?

Bc having a JFK picture on the wall and grandparents that voted Dem isnt nearly enough justification for the platform they are voting for today.

(and yes I have some liberal Kali. friends in the same boat as you, same situation....and its very very hard if not impossible for me to square the above facts/situation with what/who they elect into high office.)


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