Fixed? It wasn't broken....

It was CLAIMED to be broken, but I'm 100% sure the election was going differently from what the puppetmasters wanted, so they screwed up the process to try to ensure a different outcome.

Which still happened, because they could not blatantly fudge the figures and get away with it. I think Bervnie and Butthead had a lot more margin that they got, and Biden and Warren got kicked to the curb, to the point that one or both should have dropped out of the race.

What the Dems did not expect was low voter turnout. Many of the older Dems don't like any of bunch running, are fed up with the DNC and their antics, and will likely vote for Trump. Because they know what is in store for their incomes, jobs, fuel costs, food costs, healthcare, guns, and whatever else, because the lies and smoothtalking has been totally unmasked. By the Dem politicians themselves.

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