I'm not saying it was the Chinese made you sick,but it was the Chinese
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I started noticing groups of elderly Chinese..( I believe to be nationals) the grocery store being lead/shown around
by middle age Chinese...(I believe to be US citizens or legal residents)..These appeared to be sight seeing excursions to me.
No shopping carts or merchandise in hand.....This is an unusual occurrence at this grocery store.
First occasion I saw 4 separate groups and mentioned it to the wife because it was so unusual....Came down w/ bug 5 days later.
Minor aches..sinus and upper resp...extreme 10 was worst...Wife got it ...her symptoms a little more severe.
Two later trips to grocery I encountered two groups of elderly Chinese on one occasion and one group the other time.
My theory is the US based relatives got their elderly relatives out of Dodge to escape the Woohoo Flu virus.
I'm not saying it was these elderly Chinese gave us the flu........................but

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