I read about a guy who delivered a fuse

The man was stranded in his home and the fuse to the well blew. He called his neighbor who had a spare fuse and a 4WD but could not get up his driveway. The man flew his drone down, the neighbor taped the fuse the drone, and he had water again. I can think of numerous things the drone could deliver that would be life saving. They are good for more than what the fake news calls voyeurism. I would like to make a release switch for mine to do a parachute drop. We do it on the RC planes and I could always just strap a cheap RC receiver and servo on the drone to make it happen with a different radio but I would lose the range capability. Normal RC only good for about a mile, although long range transmitters and receivers are out there. you can buy a cheap mile range receiver for about $6 for simple projects you only need a mile.

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