"... hatred of the ruling elite..."

Are we talking about successful businessmen? Or are we talking about carpetbagger globalists whose allegiance is with the EU/Davos crowd?

The Constitution, as written is still the best way to govern a very disparate group, AS LONG AS THEY BELIEVE IN THE CONSTITUTION.

So many folks call this a "democracy". Well it most assuredly isn't, and in spite of Marxian inroads such as Great Society wealth re-distribution and Obamacare, this is still a Constitutional Republic.

There is no "ruling class" except elected officials and lifetime bureaucrats who come from the population, as anyone else can.
Are they talking about wealthy businessmen/Fortune 500 folks? It is true that "Money talks and bullshit walks" and thus the politically 'woke' wealthy hold more sway over politicians, but since 1965, welfare recipients as a cohesive voting bloc ALSO hold sway over politicians.

So this 'argument' about a "ruling elite" is uttered by morons who heard that phrase on a TV show, most likely "The View" or "The Real" or some other dreck catering to the daytime TV-watching shlubs.

America: love it or leave it. If you can find a better country LEAVE.

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