Got mine at a Chinese grocery store

I don't think it has a brand name on it, but I've used that thing for probably 30 years. Stainless steel, holds an edge well enough (nothing like carbon steel IMO), and is handy for chopping and dicing stuff in large enough quantities to go and get it from the knife drawer.

Some stainless cleavers are really crappy, some are really nice. If it were me, I'd want to hold it in my hands to see how it feels so I think it is worth a trip to the Chinese store if there is one nearby.

At the Cambodian stores in my hometown, they have carbon steel knives and cleaver looking things that are all hand forged out of who-knows-what and look like something a backwoods blacksmith would make out of old car parts. One of those hasn't followed me home yet, but I'm sure one will at some point.

I'm kind of picky about my knives and have a weird collection of things, mostly antique, in my knife drawer. The only stainless one is the Chinese cleaver.

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