I would not have shot that dog.

That was a puppy. Reactionary - sure. But not truly dangerous. I have been attacked by dangerous dogs. Trained to attack-type dangerous dogs. To date, I have subdued them all or driven them off. They only have one tool. Their jaws. And a whole lot of vulnerabilities to a predator with opposing digits. In the worst cases, I would secure their lower jaw and rammed my fingers down their throat to obstruct their airway. Waited until they went limp and laid them on the ground. The most memorable one, the owner (that had sic'ed the German Shepherd on me) stood in shock as I 'killed' his dog. He had put that dog on a lot of people - and that dog had chewed some ass. I had a few bite marks on my arm and both hands, but that dog NEVER acted aggressively any time we ever crossed paths. He would actually try to get my attention and wanted me to acknowledge and pet him. The owner hated that.

If the dog latches on, eyeballs. Throat. I've grabbed their testicles. It is amazing how a dog will let go when an 'unfamiliar' attack is initiated. I also carry a nice folder that can be deployed with one hand. A few punctures to the ribs or abdomen will get their attention. I am thankful I have not had to employ it.

The danger is when there are more than one. There was a clip online years ago where a guy was killed by a handful of dobermans inside a car lot he was burglarizing. They caught him going over the gate and they dragged him down. It was terrible to watch. More than a single dog? I'm un-assing my EDC.

The dog in the video? That was horseplay. A ritual encounter. The dog perceived a threat and reacted. A bit goofily, if anything else.

There is a difference in attack dogs and aggressive house/pet dogs. When the latter approach, I go to a duck-walk crouch and beckon them to be pet. I learned that from a dog-trainer. Get at their level and they sense a lesser threat. It also walks them back - because NO-ONE does that except friendlies. Try it and note their reaction. Especially their eyes. A dog's 'WTF' expression is priceless.

My biggest stroke of luck?

Dogs love me. I suppose it's because I love them.

There are 'bad' dogs. That wasn't one of them.

The runner? He's a cat owner. His tactics are a tell-all.

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