Here we go again. *Pic*

Where did I say I 'hang around' people that are gay?

The company hired a team of people. Five, to be exact. We all met for the first time on the job day one. I knew the one gal in the group...we had worked together before, but in different departments.

The director asked me to be the team lead/manager for the project. Yeah, I'm a natural born leader. But other than the military, I have purposely avoided managerial roles because I don't like dealing with people's fucked up problems and drama. I am a doer. I like to accomplish things. I am typically recognized as the 'unofficial' lead because I'm on the ground directing things. But when silliness abounds, GTFO of my work area. Go see the manager. So, the director picked Joe. And it was a great, great thing. Because he was great at it. And we kicked a lot of ass. It was the most accurate, productive job I ever had...and with the least amount of resources.

I'll go shoulder to shoulder with that guy, anywhere, anytime.

He left his personal life in the parking lot.Wish more people did that.

I can't say I know any gay people now. I don't run into them, I guess. I do know a handful of bisexual females that are quite entertaining. Those I do encounter are doing their own thing and as long as they don't add any drama to my mission, I couldn't care less.

Do I like they adopt kids? Not really. Do I think some are maladjusted? Sure. Are they born that way or is it environmental? I don't care - but I'd say both, with the latter being more prevalent. In the military? Not my preference. Pursuing the gay in your face agenda? Miss me with that shit or I won't miss. But as long as they aren't pedophiles or predatory, have at it.

My point is, I think most attendees here are live and let live. I'm not psychoanalyzing anything. Not my job.

I do have a routine for the ones that play victim drama. When they try to draw me in, I tell them (male or female) "I'm sorry your daddy didn't love you. Or perhaps he loved you TOO much." And then I disengage. Walk the fuck away.

It's also why I stay the fuck out of space.

Look what it did to Mark Kelly.

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