I only apologize for my idiocy.

If I came off as a jerk, I will apologize. I'm not here to make enemies. And as I get older, it's become easier to do. Too hardheaded before.

I left this board for awhile because it was getting too stupid with me arguing with Roust up in Kingman back in the day. I punched his buttons continuously when I noticed he hated Holocaust deniers. If you said anything about Jews in Hollywood, government...that boy went nuts. I'd go on Stormfront (I think that was the name) and would cobble together 'essays' that I'm sure had him road raging most days. It started to get personal...we were going to meet up. Not because we actually had a war of ideas. I've been to Dachau and I know what happened. He was just so ardent - and too stupid to realize he was being baited. I used to love provoking people. Find their button and push it like a call button. Set up a meeting just to stomp them a little, then tell them it was all a joke - and they better learn when they're being made a puppet. I relinquished the field to him. My antics were tarnishing the board. I was raising the temperature with a narrative that made it look like we had neo-nazis on board - and his insistence on attacking the presenter rather than the information being presented was making me lose my cool. I was going to go up to Kingman and stomp his ass off exit 51. Become a player in my own game. In someone else's yard. Who's the asshole? Yeah. Me. I guess he got banned in my absence, so I've got that going for me. I do wonder about him, though. I never learned what happened to him. A sweat lodge or sodomy camp least he got out of California. The board was wild back then.

You won't catch me apologizing for gays, let alone anyone else. I've also put meanings to words.

I apologize means I realize I messed up...but may do it again because I know my limitations and faults.

I'm sorry means I realize I messed up...and I'd rather die than transgress again.

I'm in the front line in pushback gainst militant gays. Fuck them and their abrasive agenda. If they carry on like normal folks, I'm truly a live and let live fellow. God will judge us all.

And no, I wasn't alone in the barn with the livestock THAT long.

Sheep lie.

No pics. Didn't happen.

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