Re: Go look up how many people died of the flu in Chi and infections way hi

I think it is all under reported. You have far to many people in china you could not shop for rice in that country.
Without spreading virus all over a thousand of your countrymen.
And that thousand spreading the virus over their thousands.
I bet they have 10milion people infected the first few days.

Try to see it this way. When the rains and wind pickup here in central phx az we get colds. Headaches .
Then soon as the rain and winds stop then the climate drys out a bit I get nose bleeds.
The real nasty ones dryed up bloody scabs . Not the sticky wet ones these are the rock hard red tar boogers.
For those who understand this is your nose fighting off that stinking cold.
You cant hide that shit from anyone.
You want folks to rush to another check out lane pull out the hanky and dig for the gold. Lol

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