So, Handgun Control Inc. is really behind this.

Handgun Control Inc. changed their name to The Brady Campaign years ago because they didn't have much luck claiming they were not for banning guns when it was in their organization's title. They are looking for any shooting victim and trying to file suites to cost the gun industry money and gain money themselves. If they file the suite, I wonder how much they get of the "victims's" winnings. There needs to be a lawsuite filed every time something stupid happens with anything, then refer to the court rulings of these cases to fight the anti gun cases. Someone steals a car and injures someone, sue everyone back the chain to the manufacturer of the raw materials, then use that case ruling to compare to the gun cases.

All I really needed to see:

"The lawsuit was filed by the Brady organization, formerly known as the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which has brought numerous other lawsuits that target the gun industry for negligence that leads to gun violence, including against Armslist. "

Formerly known as Handgun Control Inc.

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