US Bull market, what happens next?

I don't know what happens next with the US Bull market, but I find no logical fault in the analysis below

Saw this analysis on the MarketWatch site, the purport is that the bull market will continue because Global money flows to safety and yield in the US

Lotta potential investment cash sitting on the sidelines, worldwide

People with cash want to invest; where to put said cash? If it's not safe, better to sit on it, hope things change

Negative interest rates in Europe & Japan

Chinnese economy was seriously slowing down under tariff pressure, Cov19 will bring it to a crawl

Analysis excerpt follows;
-Given the global financial situation, here's a pretty good explanation of the ongoing bull market in the US;

-What’s driving this rally that’s gone into overdrive in our long-going Bubble-Blowing Bull Market? Let’s analyze and strategize.

-It’s essentially a gravitational force that is pulling down on trillions of dollars’ worth of savings and net worth around the world that has to flow toward the only nation where there’s a nominal return practically guaranteed on government bonds. Also, there’s nominal economic growth and nominal rule of law.

-The potential for positive returns in the U.S., when you’re guaranteed negative returns from the bonds you buy from Germany, Japan and most of the rest of the developed world, is a gravitational force that money has no choice but to flow toward. The world is sending their money to the U.S. rather letting it sit in negative interest rates and/or lackluster equities in their own countries.

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