Update: Type 9 FFLs in KY

Thanks for the dealer baboon! The Pawn Company is one of only two type 9 FFLs in KY, the other being Buds Gun Shop/Buds Police Supply in Lexington (they had wrongly told me earlier that the didn't deal in DDs). I was able to get a list of all KY FFL holders by type from ATF & found (2) type 9, (3) type 11 & (7) type 10; unfortunately the 10 & 11s all were BIG defense contractors who would probably not even consider a civilian transfer (Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BAE, etc.). Buds is closer to me & they agreed to take the transfer. Will Post pics when I get it (4 - 16 months?). Although I didn't use The Pawn Company, it was good to have the helpful info all the same. I thank all BCRs & other knowledgeable refuges of that have found a new home on Snugbus that still help & educate folks, new & old, of the NFA process, etc.

Knob Creeker

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